What is Custom Writing?

What is Custom Writing

Custom writing is a broad term that covers a variety of academic writing assignments. It includes paper writing, lab reports, essays, thesis papers, and even resumes! While these services used to be an in-person transaction, most custom writing is now completed online. Writing online has blossomed into a huge industry. However, with its rapid growth, there are various levels of quality. Custom writing can vary widely between providers. As a growth industry, custom writing helps students achieve the grade they want in a class. People have many different kinds of strengths, and some people are not as strong in writing as others. That’s where a custom writing service comes in. We help students complete research, organize information, and communicate that information in well written paragraphs. Custom writing can range from a two page essay to a fifty page dissertation. A custom writing professional can help with any type of paper writing. Writing online is a growth industry, and HandMade Writings is at the top of the pack. We’ve streamlined the writing online industry to create a simple, smooth process from start to finish.

Why Buy Custom Writing from WritingsGuru?

So why should you buy custom writing from WritingsGuru? Good question. There are several reasons, actually. First, buying writing online can reduce a student’s stress level. Both high school and higher education institutions are more rigorous than ever, and if a student has three major paper writing assignments due at the same time, this can be very stressful. A professional custom writing service can assist students in navigating this hard process. Second, unlike other custom writing services providing writing online, HandMade Writings offers our clients several important professional guarantees and warranties.

  • Security Policy Guaranttee
    We offer a security policy that guarantees the confidentially of the transaction between customer and custom essay writer. Who writes your paper writing assignments is no one business but yours!
  • Capability Assurance Policy
    Additionally, we offer a capability assurance policy when it comes to custom writing. This means we will never take a job we cannot deliver. We guarantee that every custom writer assigned a paper writing assignment is capable of both creating good content and using grammar correctly.
  • Revision Policy
    Unlike other custom writing companies which may deliver a paper and refuse to make revisions unless further payment is made, HandMade Writings offers a revision policy. This policy states that if a paper writing assignment does not meet the client’s expectations, then we’ll edit the paper free of charge as long as the client follows the submission and deadline guidelines. We stand behind our commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Plagiarism Free Warranty
    Plagiarism is a major issue; it is never okay to steal someone else’s work. That’s why HandMade Writings focuses on recruiting and retaining a custom writer that has mastered the writing process. We take great pride in our custom writing service; as such, our writing online will only ever be original.
  • Money Back Warranty
    As a professional custom writing service that matches clients with a custom writer, we never accept payment for a paper writing assignment we cannot deliver on-time. We understand that sometimes clients would like to cancel a custom writing order. When this happens, we offer a comprehensive money back warranty. If the cancellation request arrives within an hour of a custom writer being assigned the order, we offer a 100% refund. If the cancellation request comes after this time, a 70% refund is offered if only half or less of the time until the deadline has passed, while a 50% refund is offered to the actual deadline. We feel this policy is reasonable, and compensates the writer who began the work in good faith and the client whose needs may have changed.

These guarantees and warrantees paired with our excellent customer service exist as the most important reasons why our clients choose to hire us. Whether it is paper writing or lab reports, our commitment to excellence shows through in both our interactions and final product. Third, and perhaps most important, we are proud of our 96% overall customer satisfaction rating. We’ve worked hard to provide the best service possible and our clients agree that the work we create, everything from paper writing to resume writing is of the highest quality. Custom writing should be exactly what it sounds like: custom made for you and not for anyone else.
WritingsGuru’s commitment to excellence stands as a clear reason that sets us apart from our competitors. Purchasing writing online has never been easier! Our diverse group of highly qualified, professional writers can create any kind of paper writing assignment whether you need a lab report, a narrative essay, or a Master’s thesis. Our ability to create a wide range of custom writing assignments allows us to address the needs of high school, college, and post-graduate students.

Our Custom Writers

We guarantee that our custom writers are among the best in the business. Our paper writing rates are not rock bottom because we invest in writers who can not only write my essay on any topic, but can return grammatically perfect papers. A customer writer working for us knows how to create not only the writing portion of the paper, but can also create title pages, abstracts, Works Cited, and Bibliography pages. And best yet? Each and every custom writing created for our clients is original; this means it isn’t copied and pasted from various sites online. Once a custom writer is matched with a job, he or she reviews client requests, begins research, and creates a custom writing per the detailed request. This process is 100% confidential; only the client and the custom writer know about the custom writing creation. Once the work is completed, it is delivered on-time to the client for review. Our customers may request edits within the editing guidelines on the site for no additional charge. And that’s it! We guarantee that each and every custom writer on our staff is discreet and professional, ensuring the best possible assignment.